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Your Child's Success Map

We understand the weight that is puts on your shoulders when your child is struggling in school or when they aren't being challenged enough. Nourishing Minds Tutoring can provide personalized attention and support that may not be available in a classroom setting.

This can help children improve their understanding of academic material, build confidence, and develop study skills that will serve them well throughout their education. Additionally, tutoring can be particularly beneficial for children who are struggling in school or who have specific learning needs.

The Nourishing Minds Success Process

1. Assessment

In order to best serve your needs we conduct a comprehensive assessment. The assessment is critical in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your son/daughter. Along with the assessment, a Parent Questionnaire and Student Questionnaire will be distributed in order to gain as much insight as possible into your child.

2. Personalized Plan

Upon completion of the assessment, your tutor analyzes the results and formulates a personalized learning plan, which will be completely tailored to your son or daughter’s specific educational needs.

3. Tutoring

Your tutor will make a recommendation as to the frequency of tutoring (based on the results of the assessment and any other information provided by parents or teachers) and tutoring will commence.

4. Communication

Nourishing Minds Tutoring takes great pride in having superb communication with parents and caregivers. You will be kept informed and updated every step of the way. Furthermore, your tutor will work with your child’s teachers to ensure that their needs are being met.

Ready to Get Started?


Research has shown that tutoring yields a fantastic return on your investment and can have a profound impact on your child’s academic success.

We offer extremely competitive pricing, in fact, we are cheaper than the corporate tutoring centers, and we come to you!

Nourishing Minds Tutoring has no registration fees, and we do not lock you into long term commitments. You can pay by the hour, but we also offer very reasonable packages of hours, all of which are available with payment plans.

  • "We were referred to Nourishing Minds by friends of ours, and it felt a bit like being let into a best kept secret. We are having an outstanding experience.
    Both of our elementary school aged children have gained confidence in themselves since we started working with Nourishing Minds. They've also learned a lot of new tactics for understanding, breaking down, and solving math problems. Schools are teaching math in very new and helpful ways, but as a parent who learned this "the old way," it can be difficult to support kids when I don't even understand the new methods.
    In every way, working with Nourishing Minds has been the right move!"
  • "Two of my children had the opportunity to work with Chris regarding some gaps in their literacy development in 1st and 2nd grade. He did an incredible job working with them. Lessons were prepared well and information was provided to me at each session to allow me to see their progress and skill development.

    They made excellent progress and filled the gaps with solid foundational understanding. They are now in middle and high school and I credit Chris with helping them to learn and reinforce those critical foundational skills."


  • "My daughter Gabriella has been home tutoring with Nourishing Minds Tutoring now for two years. The staff and teachers with Nourishing Minds are exceptional! My daughter’s comprehension, confidence and even work ethic has been built strategically since the very beginning. The results thus far are still flourishing. We continue to keep Nourishing Minds Tutoring in Gabriella’s life moving forward, as a maintenance and partnership for the changing times in curriculum ahead.

    We are so grateful for all that is offered to my daughter, and us as a family, alleviating many frustrations that come with academic achievement."

    –Jenn, Schenectady NY

  • "Nourishing Minds Tutoring has been a tremendous help to our 7-year old son, and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to work with them.  Nourishing Minds strikes the perfect balance - motivating our son to work hard and encouraging him to take pride in his work, while still keeping the atmosphere fun and loose.  In looking for a tutor we knew we wanted someone who would teach our son how to learn, as opposed to just teaching facts or information.  His tutor does just that, tailoring his tutoring methods to fit our son’s personality and learning style.  We feel such relief knowing that our son is gaining skills that will make him a more independent and analytical learner in the future."


  • "Nourishing Minds Tutoring has been tutoring our son since 2015. It has been a great experience for him and for us.

    My son is currently attending third grade. He has major attention challenges and finds it very hard to stay on task. Despite that, his tutor has been able to bond with him and motivate him to focus . He utilizes many creative and unique teaching techniques that have helped our son a great deal. He enjoys the sessions and his grades have improved significantly.

    We highly recommend Nourishing Minds Tutoring."

    –Dina, Clifton Park NY


    How do I know if my child needs a tutor?

    Simply put, all children can benefit from the services of a tutor. A tutor can help accelerate a child’s learning to enrich the curriculum provided at school, or can help fill in the gaps in your child’s learning foundation to facilitate confidence and more success. However, if you notice some of the following behaviors it could be time to take action and seek the services of a tutor:

    • Avoiding school. 
    • Poor attitude.
    • Slipping grades.
    • Lacking confidence.
    • Carelessness with their schoolwork.
    • Time management issues.
    • Anxiety
    • Confusion/Frustration
    • Boredom
    • Hopelessness

    If your child is experiencing any of the above, please contact us. Tutoring is an affordable service and provides an excellent return on your investment in your child’s future.

    How does tutoring work?

    Nourishing Minds Tutoring believes in offering 100% customized and individual plans for all its pupils.

    A detailed assessment will be conducted with your child at their first session. This assessment is different to the ones conducted in school. Most standardized assessments in school compare your child’s score against a national benchmark, hence giving your child a score in comparison with others around the state/country. At Nourishing Minds Tutoring our assessments give a detailed analysis of exactly which areas are your child’s strengths/weaknesses.

    From this assessment your tutor will formulate a plan to support your child’s individual needs, which will be shared with the parent/care giver, and tutoring sessions will commence.

    Can you help with the Common Core state standards?

    Yes! All of our lessons are linked to the learning standards and anchors in the Common Core State Standards of New York State. Additionally, please see our comprehensive section on the Common Core for help.

    What subjects do you tutor?

    Nourishing Minds has extensive experience and specializes in the following:

    • Math
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Science
    • History/Social Studies
    • Test Prep
    • Homework Help
    • Study Skills
    • Autism Support

    If you need help in areas other than those listed, it may be possible to accommodate other subjects. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

    What grades do you tutor?

    We currently tutor grades Kindergarten through College, and everything in between!

    How much do tutoring services cost?

    We offer a range of tutoring packages and prices based on the amount of hours you purchase. The rates drop as you sign up for more hours. We offer several other discounts as well. Please contact us for a detailed payment structure. One to one tutoring provides an excellent return on your investment and has a big impact on your child’s academic future.

    What forms of payment do you accept?
    • Cash
    • Check
    • Credit Card
    • Debit Card
    • Bank Transfers
    • Automatic Payments (so you never miss an invoice)
    I have multiple children that need tutoring. Do you offer a discount?

    Yes! Please get in contact with us to find out more details.

    Where do tutoring services take place?

    Tutoring sessions are held in the comfort and convenience of your own home. The only requirement we have is that there is an adult present at all times. If however, you would prefer that a tutor does not come to your home, contact us for alternative arrangements.

    What days/hours do you tutor?

    Nourishing Minds strives to make tutoring as convenient as possible. Therefore, we offer tutoring services 7 days a week. We offer a range of hours everyday. Please contact us to arrange the best schedule to suit your needs. Please be aware that we work with many families and need to consider scheduling carefully to accommodate many busy people. It would be helpful if you had two or three times available. We will strive to keep your times the same for every tutoring session.

    Are your tutors qualified?

    Yes! Our team of tutors at Nourishing Minds Tutoring is highly professional, committed, and know what it takes to help children learn. Many of our tutors are fully certified and qualified teachers, and experts in their respective fields. Tutors are thoroughly interviewed and vetted before being placed with families.

    Do you offer tutoring services over school breaks and summer holidays?

    Absolutely! As a matter of fact, there is often more flexibility in the times/days that we can tutor during these times. Additionally, we are working on providing extra services and camps during these breaks from school. Please inquire for more information.